Is your child losing their baby teeth? The Tooth Fairy Cushion!

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For many children the idea of losing their teeth can be daunting but also strangely exciting.

"My tooth is loose!" - "Do you want to see my tooth wobble?"


Each tooth represents a big milestone in a child's life.

Baby teeth have to fall out to make way for permanent teeth to grow – a process that continues until the final molars (also called wisdom teeth) are in. This can take 20 years or more.

At we have come up with a personalised gift idea to help your child through the initial years making it more fun and exciting.

Our tooth fairy cushion, can be customised with your child's name to make them feel special.  It comes in different colours and designs but all have a small tooth pocket.

So on the nights when your child has a tooth for the Tooth Fairy, they can place the tooth into the pocket and make it easier for the Tooth Fairy to find!

The cushion cover is made from high quality 100% Polyester Velvet and the imagery is printed on using a process known as sublimation, which in simple terms, means the print becomes part of the fabric and will never wash or wear off.


I’ve come to get your lost tooth tonight.
Under the pillow it’s out of sight!
I’ve looked and looked but cannot find,
This tooth will make me loose my mind!
If in a neat pocket, you placed it for me,
I’d be in and out fast and home in time for my tea. 
Use your cushion tonight and I will come back,
I’ll even leave you a present from my Fairy rucksack!







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