Personalise items with your childs art.

Here's our step by step guide!

Step 1:

Draw that picture! Yes, with some markers, a few crayons whatever you child likes. Draw it on old fashioned paper!

Step 2:

Photograph it with your phone and save the file.

Step 3:

Email us the file to and we will send you back a preview of what your product will look like or you can do it yourself with our “Customise it!” tool.

Using the customise it tool:

A: Click on the "Customise it!" button

B: The window below opens, Now click the “Add Image” button help design personalised gifts image 2

C: The window below opens, now click the “Upload Your Photo or Art.” Button (Alternatively you can sync with Instagram) help design personalised gifts image 3


Now click “Upload New Image”, and select an image from your device. 


D: The image is now uploaded to the tool.  Click the image once and it will appear on your product. In this example, a cushion. help design personalised gifts image 4


E: Now click on your art and two red arrows will appear, these allow you to resize your art to fit the product.  You can also rotate the image as required using the rotate tool, just below the add image button. Press preview when happy. help design personalised gifts image 5


F: If you wish to make changes click “Back to Designer”.

If you wish to Add to Cart click “Continue Purchase”




Other options:

If you wish to download a preview image, simply click the Download Button to the left of the image. help design personalised gifts image 6


 If you wish to you can add text if required (edit that text, move and rotate the text)




Don't forget, if you have any issues, contact us on or you can message us via Facebook