White Apron - set of two (Personalise them!)

  • €34.99

Apron, Bib Style with tie straps and neckband.

His and Hers, His and His or Hers and Hers, you decide!

100% Polerigraf.ie


Colour: White

Size: 71 x 85cm

These bib style aprons are not just for cooking - they are also great for cleaning, gardening, art projects, and other activities, too!

You can customise by uploading two different images or the same image twice (once for each apron), you can also add text, edit, move and rotate the text.

Let us know if you want these aprons but are having difficultly with the designs.


These personalised aprons, printed once off with your design are €19.99 each, €34.99 for two!