Heart Shaped Photo Slate (Personalise it!)

  • €19.99

Heart Photo Slate

Size : 20 x 24cm Heart

Our Photo Slates are available in different shapes and sizes see our Slate Collection for more details.

Ideal for cherished images of every kind including full-colour photos, awards, and other valuable keepsakes. Made from natural sedimentary stone, each Photo-Slate comes complete with a stylish black plastic stand and box.

Personalise it with a photo from your collection or directly from Instagram. Try our customise button to see what you can do.

Add images, text, clipart.  Rotate the image, format the fonts etc.  Try it, preview it and order it!

Photo-Slate is a product specifically designed to frame and enhance full-colour photographs in a stunning and natural presentation. Each piece is handcrafted with chiseled imperfect edges to make any image a truly unique showcase. Slates can vary in size by up to ½ inch. The natural surface of the slate has natural imperfections that will show through the photos and make each plaque unique.

Additionally as with all sublimation printing these natural products are not perfect and some small imperfections on the printed surface do occur. We inspect each slate and strive to place any imperfections in an area of the image that is least noticeable. However we cannot guarantee that no imperfections will occur, and small imperfections, bumps or pits in the printed surface are not uncommon, in fact they are a feature of this naturak substance and not grounds for refund or replacement.